Hi, I’m Kate

Growing up in Hawaii, a mixing pot of people from all backgrounds, I learned that food is more than just the fuel our bodies need. It’s a language: a way to connect with one another that transcends age, gender, socioeconomic class, and ethnicity.

It was the same in the multiracial, multigenerational household we lived in. Since we were little, my siblings and I would spend time in the kitchen with my grandparents, watching them roll lumpia or bake banana bread. Some of my favorite memories take place in either our kitchen or my grandparent’s, sitting around eating, laughing, and bonding.

I have spent the last few years traveling as much as I can, eating my way through the world. I’ve been inspired by the things I’ve eaten and the culture I’ve been lucky to experience.

Katie in her Kitchen is a flour-dusted diary where I can share my love of all things food. It is a culmination of all that I’ve learned, a mix of family history, travel inspirations, and a renewed need for some comfort food.